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Founded in 2007, Sangani Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an Original Equipment Design (OED) company providing custom application software, embedded design and product development services to Industry. Sangani Technologies Pvt. Ltd is ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

With a highly experienced staff and skill set, Sangani Technologies provides everything you need for all your custom embedded technology development. From designing portions of a project in conjunction with your engineering teams to complete turn-key projects and specialty niche design services, Sangani Technologies Pvt. Ltd has the ability to provide the right solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Sangani Technologies strict and proven project and program management processes further differentiate our capabilities. The ability to tightly manage and communicate with staff, vendors and customers is a requirement for today's complex and fast moving development efforts. We eliminate surprises and make sure that the projects stay on schedule and on budget.





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